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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

VIPs story: Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia (part 1)

Hi & Annyeong...

It's been a week after I attended Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 concert in Malaysia. Yeah I know it's not that hype anymore and its kind of lame to rant about their past concert..huh! but hold a second please....who cares right..nobody Gd said in CRAYON: Why so serious?? ekeke :P

Till now actually I'm still having kind of withdrawal syndrome or also known as ABCDs which is After Bigbang Concert Depression syndrome...hahahaa...ottokee..?? its just CRAZY aite...>_<

For the first time in my life, I went to the concert...I'm not joking okay..this is my first concert ever...and seriously I don't know what to expect...and the most importantly is it Kpop concert!!! OMG...wth?? are you out of your mind...ya ya ya I know..but who cares aite? Oiiiii, don't jump to the conclusion is not an ordinary concert like other Kpop groups held in Malaysia before.... since I am one of their die hard fans aka VIPs Until Whenever, I really looking forward their first concert in Malaysia...*proud to be their fans*  VIPs RULE* (^_^)

As their hard fan, of course every one always dreaming to see them in real life whether by attending their concert or fan meeting or also COINCIDENTALLY see them when just walking around in other part of the world...wuuuhhuuuu, how I wish to see them in person...I don't know if I have a chance to see them in person, and I wonder how I'll react?? or probably I'll just faint or giggling all the time..aiisshh*excuse me please*fan girling mode..ekeke*

First of all when they said they will held a world tour, I wonder is Malaysia also include in the tour?? I really wish they include my country in their list....and...BANGGGGGG...!!! Malaysia was included...YEAHHH..!!lets get parttyyyy!!! Well after waiting and queueing about 4 to 5 hours  under the hot sun while fasting (for your info, tickets launch in Malaysia was held during fasting month for Muslim) in front of Fahrenheit88 to get the tickets, its really WORTH IT...the tickets was sold really hour after ticket launch VIP seat SOLD first I want to buy CAT4 seat because it is numbered seating but less than 2 hours it was sold out, it really make me upset..argghhh..fortunately, the CAT3 which is ROCKPIT zone still available, and without thinking much I just grab it..not for one but TWO tickets because it also for my lil sis...whuawhua..*I'm broke now* my paycheck finish already*




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