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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

VIPs story: Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia (part 2)


*sorry for my poor and limited english vocabulary*

In the last post I wrote about tickets launch Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia...even though its not detailed but ya I just want to give an overview or roughly about how I felt....ekeke...
Okay, now lets proceed to our main story..hehe

Last 2 weeks, I went to Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia...and BOOOOMMMMM!!!! there is no words can describe how amazing their concert was...its really DOPE!!! I felt really blast have a chance to attend their concert in was AWESOME! FANTASTIC....such a memorable night for me (like YB said at the concert..ekeke)....and it was the best night ever in my life...I have been dreaming to see them in real life for a long time..and my dream came true..I can see them perform in real life...and its also feels great because this is also my first time go to Stadium Merdeka which where the concert was held...and for your info, this Stadium Merdeka also a historical place for Malaysian because in this stadium 55 years ago, Tunku Abdul Rahman declared Malaysia as independent country witnessed by British leaders...Furthermore, Sources said, Big Bang concert was 2nd largest concert held in Malaysia after MJ and it is FULL HOUSE...!!! Besides, on the same date which is 27th October, 25 years ago...late Michael Jackson hold his first and only concert in Malaysia also at this stadium...wahhhh, do you know how proud I am to be part in this memorable moments...

Even though in Malaysia now is raining is really not a big deal to 18,000 MY-VIPs to attend and show their loves to the boys...with the colorful poncho, MY-VIPs went to support and have a WET PARTY with the boys...MY-VIPs is the best crowd ever..we went CRAZY in the rain and we were ROCKING the night with was really INCREDIBLE NIGHT EVER...this is the FIRST OUTDOOR CONCERT for the boys...some people said, outdoor concert is too risk whether it will turn really WELL or become like I kept wonder, is it will be okay..but in my heart I always pray to make the first BB concert in Malaysia successful...and Thank God for grant my wish...the concert was HUGE SUCCESS and I felt really released to see the boys enjoying the stage...when I see them happy, it makes my day..I really love to see them happy and enjoy the stage...

The BEST concert ever...once in lifetime experience and its TOTALLY WORTH IT...and now I become addicted to attend their other concert more...jumping and screaming all night long...and I really love to see yellow light ocean...(^_^)

Their charisma on stage is really TIP TOP & 'something'...The boys really PERFECT, DOPE, ENERGETIC, AWESOME, ...the live band is FANTASTIC.....the technology sound system, fireworks, led image, lighting and all is just PERFECTO and DAEBAK and JJANG!!  TOP sexy as ever, GD swag dance, TAEYANG sexy back, DAESUNG angel's smile, SEUNGRI cute panda.

*Three photos above credited to bigbangupdates et all*

Below is the link showing how Malaysian VIPs enjoying and rocking the night with Big Bang members

Encore Big Bang Alive Tour in Malaysia
credited to BIGBANG, YG Entertainment and Samsung


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