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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

VIPs story: Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia (part 3)

Hi and greetings to all...

Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 concert was so EPIC. It is far beyond expectations.
PERFECT BOYS is PERFECT....aite?? who's with me, raise your hand please...!!! YEAH thats my buddies... ;)

At the concert I and my friends were too hype...we were jumping and screaming with the crowd. Of course you're not just sitting and standing straight for the whole night right...., if so, what's the point you go to concert and buying ROCKPIT zone right?? But unfortunately, I can't go close to the stage because I don't want to lose my liltle sis...and all people in front me is quite tall..errr or is it just me who are shorter than them...hmmm...sobness.. :'(
but ya never mind, even can't see them closely, I REALLY ENJOY the night..due too hyped and so happy, sometimes I forget what is really happened during the concert...haaiishhh..

So I went back and search for fancams...and its bring back all the memories at the concert. There are a few moments that I really love during the concert:

1) First and foremost: The BEST part ever, was during they sing HARU-HARU. In this part the crowds (MY-VIPs) sang along with the boys. Its really make me goosebumps when I recall back those times. Below are the haru-haru fancam in Malaysia...enjoy.. (^_^)

2) Second: During the talk, this is my first time heard TOP trying so hard to speak in English..and he is too cute...ekekeke....The boys do a beatboxing when G-Dragon sang his new songs (CRAYON + ONE OF A KIND). In the first place, I think they don't expect that MYVIPs know the song...but its definitely make them so touched especially Jiyong because crowds do a fanchants and sang his song with I was strike by EARGASM when Jiyong said WHY SO SERIOUS...!! hahaha
3) Third: Of course the CHOOMM DANCE by our bingu TOP.....he so hype after the crowds sang happy birthday to him...and he loosen a bit...ekekeke...just enjoy the video below..(^_-)
4) 4th: During the talk....

*I'm not the owner of the video, all video credited to the first owners*


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