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Friday, 7 December 2012

Big Bang mentioned about Malaysia... (^_^)

Hi peeps...good evening..

I'm in the good mood lately...*wink* wink* (^_-) you guys know why??? hehe...
Lately I've noticed that Big Bang members shared or posted something about Malaysia...OMG...
They remembered us especially MYVIPs....I really excited..omo omo...

1)   Seungri Twitter Update:
"Top...How did you transform yourself into a frog?! Are you under a magic spell!?? LOL"
Source: @ForVictoRi
Note: This is drawn by Keith, a Malaysian cartoonist. His comic is called "Lawak Kampus" or known as Campus Gag from Gempak Starz. This is supposed to be the cover of his 16th edition of Lawak Kampus

Read more:

2. Bigbang in the show called Danny in the second part of the video, they told Danny about their world tour and Danny asked them, among all countries, which country are the best? Well yeah, first of all they won tell because they love all VIPs like TOP or Taeyang (I'm not quite sure who said this, so excuse me, please..) To not disappoint other VIP....One of them said: They love wherever there are fans that support them...But of course Danny is not really satisfied with the cliche and save answer rite, so Danny said: Come on  where is it?? Instead of saying what country they love to performed, Daesung come out with sharing their FIRST experience held FIRST OUTDOOR concert in football stadium which is in Stadium Merdeka, MALAYSIA....waaahhhh!!! my smiley angle talk about Malaysia....hehe...and the other members just agree with our maknae Seungri said, in Malaysia they perform in the rain..*welll not exactly because a few minutes b4 they start the concert the rain was stop..and they also don't expect 18,000 MYVIPs will braved in the rain just for they had enjoy the night...waaahhh I'm so proud... (^_^)
and the rest is HISTORY... :)


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