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Friday, 7 December 2012

Big Bang mentioned about Malaysia... (^_^)

Hi peeps...good evening..

I'm in the good mood lately...*wink* wink* (^_-) you guys know why??? hehe...
Lately I've noticed that Big Bang members shared or posted something about Malaysia...OMG...
They remembered us especially MYVIPs....I really excited..omo omo...

1)   Seungri Twitter Update:
"Top...How did you transform yourself into a frog?! Are you under a magic spell!?? LOL"
Source: @ForVictoRi
Note: This is drawn by Keith, a Malaysian cartoonist. His comic is called "Lawak Kampus" or known as Campus Gag from Gempak Starz. This is supposed to be the cover of his 16th edition of Lawak Kampus

Read more:

2. Bigbang in the show called Danny in the second part of the video, they told Danny about their world tour and Danny asked them, among all countries, which country are the best? Well yeah, first of all they won tell because they love all VIPs like TOP or Taeyang (I'm not quite sure who said this, so excuse me, please..) To not disappoint other VIP....One of them said: They love wherever there are fans that support them...But of course Danny is not really satisfied with the cliche and save answer rite, so Danny said: Come on  where is it?? Instead of saying what country they love to performed, Daesung come out with sharing their FIRST experience held FIRST OUTDOOR concert in football stadium which is in Stadium Merdeka, MALAYSIA....waaahhhh!!! my smiley angle talk about Malaysia....hehe...and the other members just agree with our maknae Seungri said, in Malaysia they perform in the rain..*welll not exactly because a few minutes b4 they start the concert the rain was stop..and they also don't expect 18,000 MYVIPs will braved in the rain just for they had enjoy the night...waaahhh I'm so proud... (^_^)
and the rest is HISTORY... :)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

my obsession


Now I really obsess with this song...waaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!! ottoke..????????? TOP ssi, Jiyong ah, help me...sob sob sob... :'(


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

VIPs story: Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia (part 3)

Hi and greetings to all...

Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 concert was so EPIC. It is far beyond expectations.
PERFECT BOYS is PERFECT....aite?? who's with me, raise your hand please...!!! YEAH thats my buddies... ;)

At the concert I and my friends were too hype...we were jumping and screaming with the crowd. Of course you're not just sitting and standing straight for the whole night right...., if so, what's the point you go to concert and buying ROCKPIT zone right?? But unfortunately, I can't go close to the stage because I don't want to lose my liltle sis...and all people in front me is quite tall..errr or is it just me who are shorter than them...hmmm...sobness.. :'(
but ya never mind, even can't see them closely, I REALLY ENJOY the night..due too hyped and so happy, sometimes I forget what is really happened during the concert...haaiishhh..

So I went back and search for fancams...and its bring back all the memories at the concert. There are a few moments that I really love during the concert:

1) First and foremost: The BEST part ever, was during they sing HARU-HARU. In this part the crowds (MY-VIPs) sang along with the boys. Its really make me goosebumps when I recall back those times. Below are the haru-haru fancam in Malaysia...enjoy.. (^_^)

2) Second: During the talk, this is my first time heard TOP trying so hard to speak in English..and he is too cute...ekekeke....The boys do a beatboxing when G-Dragon sang his new songs (CRAYON + ONE OF A KIND). In the first place, I think they don't expect that MYVIPs know the song...but its definitely make them so touched especially Jiyong because crowds do a fanchants and sang his song with I was strike by EARGASM when Jiyong said WHY SO SERIOUS...!! hahaha
3) Third: Of course the CHOOMM DANCE by our bingu TOP.....he so hype after the crowds sang happy birthday to him...and he loosen a bit...ekekeke...just enjoy the video below..(^_-)
4) 4th: During the talk....

*I'm not the owner of the video, all video credited to the first owners*

Happy Belated Birthday TOP-ssi

Annyeong haseyo and good morning peeps...

On last 4th November was Choi Seung Hyun aka TOP-ssi (The oldest Big Bang members) birthday...well, TOP ssi, we were born on the same year of 1987 but you are 10 months younger than me...hik3..

First of all, Top-ssi happy belated birthday...may u have a blast year ahead....wish you have a great and happy life with all people around you, we will always love and support you my, VIPs. (^_-)
Saengil chuka hamnida.......
Selamat Hari Jadi...

*sweet 25 always*  (^_-)

Oh Mom by TOP

*photos & video credited to bigbang, yg entertainment, youtube*

He is really charming, have a great deep voice, unique style, charismatic aura, kind hearted and he's really at the TOP in everythings

VIPs story: Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia (part 2)


*sorry for my poor and limited english vocabulary*

In the last post I wrote about tickets launch Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia...even though its not detailed but ya I just want to give an overview or roughly about how I felt....ekeke...
Okay, now lets proceed to our main story..hehe

Last 2 weeks, I went to Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia...and BOOOOMMMMM!!!! there is no words can describe how amazing their concert was...its really DOPE!!! I felt really blast have a chance to attend their concert in was AWESOME! FANTASTIC....such a memorable night for me (like YB said at the concert..ekeke)....and it was the best night ever in my life...I have been dreaming to see them in real life for a long time..and my dream came true..I can see them perform in real life...and its also feels great because this is also my first time go to Stadium Merdeka which where the concert was held...and for your info, this Stadium Merdeka also a historical place for Malaysian because in this stadium 55 years ago, Tunku Abdul Rahman declared Malaysia as independent country witnessed by British leaders...Furthermore, Sources said, Big Bang concert was 2nd largest concert held in Malaysia after MJ and it is FULL HOUSE...!!! Besides, on the same date which is 27th October, 25 years ago...late Michael Jackson hold his first and only concert in Malaysia also at this stadium...wahhhh, do you know how proud I am to be part in this memorable moments...

Even though in Malaysia now is raining is really not a big deal to 18,000 MY-VIPs to attend and show their loves to the boys...with the colorful poncho, MY-VIPs went to support and have a WET PARTY with the boys...MY-VIPs is the best crowd ever..we went CRAZY in the rain and we were ROCKING the night with was really INCREDIBLE NIGHT EVER...this is the FIRST OUTDOOR CONCERT for the boys...some people said, outdoor concert is too risk whether it will turn really WELL or become like I kept wonder, is it will be okay..but in my heart I always pray to make the first BB concert in Malaysia successful...and Thank God for grant my wish...the concert was HUGE SUCCESS and I felt really released to see the boys enjoying the stage...when I see them happy, it makes my day..I really love to see them happy and enjoy the stage...

The BEST concert ever...once in lifetime experience and its TOTALLY WORTH IT...and now I become addicted to attend their other concert more...jumping and screaming all night long...and I really love to see yellow light ocean...(^_^)

Their charisma on stage is really TIP TOP & 'something'...The boys really PERFECT, DOPE, ENERGETIC, AWESOME, ...the live band is FANTASTIC.....the technology sound system, fireworks, led image, lighting and all is just PERFECTO and DAEBAK and JJANG!!  TOP sexy as ever, GD swag dance, TAEYANG sexy back, DAESUNG angel's smile, SEUNGRI cute panda.

*Three photos above credited to bigbangupdates et all*

Below is the link showing how Malaysian VIPs enjoying and rocking the night with Big Bang members

Encore Big Bang Alive Tour in Malaysia
credited to BIGBANG, YG Entertainment and Samsung

VIPs story: Big Bang Alive Tour concert in Malaysia (part 1)

Hi & Annyeong...

It's been a week after I attended Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 concert in Malaysia. Yeah I know it's not that hype anymore and its kind of lame to rant about their past concert..huh! but hold a second please....who cares right..nobody Gd said in CRAYON: Why so serious?? ekeke :P

Till now actually I'm still having kind of withdrawal syndrome or also known as ABCDs which is After Bigbang Concert Depression syndrome...hahahaa...ottokee..?? its just CRAZY aite...>_<

For the first time in my life, I went to the concert...I'm not joking okay..this is my first concert ever...and seriously I don't know what to expect...and the most importantly is it Kpop concert!!! OMG...wth?? are you out of your mind...ya ya ya I know..but who cares aite? Oiiiii, don't jump to the conclusion is not an ordinary concert like other Kpop groups held in Malaysia before.... since I am one of their die hard fans aka VIPs Until Whenever, I really looking forward their first concert in Malaysia...*proud to be their fans*  VIPs RULE* (^_^)

As their hard fan, of course every one always dreaming to see them in real life whether by attending their concert or fan meeting or also COINCIDENTALLY see them when just walking around in other part of the world...wuuuhhuuuu, how I wish to see them in person...I don't know if I have a chance to see them in person, and I wonder how I'll react?? or probably I'll just faint or giggling all the time..aiisshh*excuse me please*fan girling mode..ekeke*

First of all when they said they will held a world tour, I wonder is Malaysia also include in the tour?? I really wish they include my country in their list....and...BANGGGGGG...!!! Malaysia was included...YEAHHH..!!lets get parttyyyy!!! Well after waiting and queueing about 4 to 5 hours  under the hot sun while fasting (for your info, tickets launch in Malaysia was held during fasting month for Muslim) in front of Fahrenheit88 to get the tickets, its really WORTH IT...the tickets was sold really hour after ticket launch VIP seat SOLD first I want to buy CAT4 seat because it is numbered seating but less than 2 hours it was sold out, it really make me upset..argghhh..fortunately, the CAT3 which is ROCKPIT zone still available, and without thinking much I just grab it..not for one but TWO tickets because it also for my lil sis...whuawhua..*I'm broke now* my paycheck finish already*



Thursday, 22 March 2012

strike by eargasm from FANTASTIC BABY by BigBang

Annyeonghaseyo.... :)

Fantastic Baby (BIGBANG)

Oh My God...... I really really love this performance...I want dance dance dance dance....BOOM SHAKALA BOOM SHAKALA....TOP is super sexy in this dance....Auuwwww, it's really hit me and I've got EARGASM to this song...especially when it comes to Daesung high note part..wahhhh its really give a goosebumps...BRAVO DAESUNG BRAVO...U got a voice from heaven...This performance is really amazing and fantastic like their title itself..kekeke...
This boys is really amazing and talented...I'm really glad about their support will always with u guys...VIP FOREVER... <3 <3 (^_-)

fall in love with LOVE DUST by BB

Hi all....

In today YG ON AIR for BB comeback, they perform and sing LOVE DUST....oh I really love it how they enjoy the stage...I like their choreography and I can't stop myself from repeating it all over again...hahaha..~poor me right..I'm now addicted to it after have addicted to fantastic baby...but FANTASTIC BABY from BIGSHOW 2012 performance is always be my first favorite video ever...kiyaaa (^_^)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Part 4 in new comm tech class

Ooohhh...i'm so sad tonight...

for tonight lecture everything was a mess for me...this is my 1st presentation in this new sem....accurately my FINAL sem for masters degree...and it was totally suck...dannggg..
i became so nervous and I don't know what i'm saying..and most of my friends laugh at me..oh man, I don't know where to hide my face..i felt insulted..but I just continue without looking at them..

After a long break from school, I realized that my formal communication skills drop drastically...ahh its totally bothered I can be in this situation...Oh Ya Allah, please help me..huhu


Monday, 19 March 2012

Tetiba TERminat Kpop

Salam & greetings to all..

"Aigoooooo Aigoooo..." baca tajuk entry sambil geleng2 sy nak kabor, sejak dua menjak ni penyakit tiba-tiba gilakan kpop menjadi-jadi betul..bukan setakat rakyat M'sia (termasuk la tuan penulis ni sendirikan...) tapi seluruh dunia (global)..

Secara terus terang, penulis dulu bukan la suka sangat dan tak layan pun cerita korea-korea ni samada lagu-lagu dia or drama-dramanya, sy lebih suka layan cerita-cerita jepun je..tu memang *peberet la der* lagi-lagi Team Medical Dragon, Gokusen, Hana Yori Dango...walaupun waktu tu kawan-kawan sekeliling ni dh memang *hantu* korea yg tegar...tapi sy tak pernah nak tertarik plak..haha

So mcm mna la pula kan boleh terebak dlm arena kpop ni??? hmmmm.....Sebenar-benarnya penulis boleh terjebak dgn penyakit ni adalah secara tidak sengaja....nak dijadikan cerita, adala suatu masa tu tahap kebosanan dh berada di tahap yg gaban, apa lagi godek2 la external kawan adikku...tiba2 terjumpa satu folder tulis family come here...then nak tau la apa ceritanye kan, buka-buka tgk2 korean variety show yg diberi nama family outing season 1...ala yg ade Jaesuk, Hyori, Daesung and lain2 tu...*ok sy tau tu agak LAME la kan coz baru tgk cerita tu tahun lepas..maapkan sy ye..hik3* gilo kelakor variety show tu, gelak dh mcm orang hilang akal..haha..sudah...start drpd situ la, benih-benih tersukakan kpop ni bercambah-cambah...well faham-faham la ye kalo dh start memang takde turning point or sign board U-turn dah...juuzzz laaayyyyaaannn sajor..& the rest is history..

Dari situ la sy tau pasal BIGBANG (thanks to Daesung-ah..*wink*wink*) tiba2 mengangkat diri jadi VIP (BB official fans) plak kan...hahahaha..nnti akan ade entry2 pasal BB..tunggu.. :)

And from there I've started craving for another korean variety shows...running man, strong heart and so on..dari situ juga la sy kenal artis-artis kpop yg lain mcm SNSD, Kara, T-ara, MBLACK, FT Island, even though dh pernah tau pasal SUJU (superjunior) & wonder girls (Nobody but you song) dalam radio..tapi memang seriouly tak pernah nak ambik port pon time tu....dulu bukan main pelik lg kenapa la ramai gilakan kpop, now HAMBIK kau..kan dh terkena kat batang hidung sendiri..hahahaha...
okay, skarang sy surrender..sambil angkat bendera putih dan kibar2kan ke kiri & kanan..(^_-)

p/s: skarang ni mesti atleast dua hari sekali kna check allkpop page or or dkpop or bigbangupdates (my bias) hehe...